Specially Scented to Attract Pet to Pad

Box of 100 Pads Measuring 22″ X 23″

Clear Quest Pet Puppy Pads are the cost-effective housebreaking pads for puppies. These puppy pads are made with high technology polymer to absorb liquid without leaking.

My dog, Meisha, was pad trained since she was a puppy.  We take her outside but she knows if she can’t wait, she can still use the pad which makes traveling with her so much easier!

Clear Quest Puppy Pads

  • Our super-absorbent Clean Go Pet Puppy Pads take the hassle out of house training puppies.
  • Made of an advanced technology polymer that provides extra absorption, these pads feature leak-proof backing and sealed edges to ensure easy clean-up.
  • Specially-scented pads will attract and encourage pets to use the pad.
  • Great for puppies and dogs that are incontinent.
  • Once the dog is accustomed to using them, the pads can be placed outdoors to encourage dogs to eliminate outside.

Puppy Pads measure 22″ x 23″.

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