Keep Small Animals Away Without Chemicals
Covers 3500 Sq. Ft.

  • No more pest droppings
  • No need for toxic pesticides
  • Prevent spread of disease

Send your problem squirrels, rats, bats and other pests packing their bags!

The most difficult problem to address with my customers is the ability for them to get rid of squirrels or bats in their attics.  Keeping them out is easier by making sure there are no openings into the attic for them to crawl through to enter.  But you have to get them out of there as soon as you can once they have entered.

This is why I was excited to find the Transonic Pro Electronic Pest Repeller.  It creates an environment that is intolerable for pests, yet it is friendly toward pets, humans and the environment.  Some of my customers are older and can’t climb into their attics, other customers are adverse to spraying some type of chemical and others just don’t want to kill any animals.

You can use this anywhere you have access to electricity:

  • Attics & Crawl Spaces (favorite home for squirrels)
  • Porches, Pools & Patios (favorite habitat for mice)
  • Roof Eaves & Awnings
  • Home & Offices
  • Garages, Basements & Kitchens
  • Farms & Barns
  • Food Establishments
  • Warehouses & Commercial Facilities

If you are experiencing problems with small animals and pests and you can’t or don’t want to use chemicals or traps, you can now use a great product that will work for you.

How Does it Work?

The Transonic Pro emits high-frequency sound waves that the pests can hear, but are silent to humans.  Ultrasonic animal control frequencies are used to irritate, confuse and intimidate pests within range.  These sounds do not harm animals, but they cause enough discomfort to teach pests to avoid the area.

There are 9 different settings which creates a user friendly control which lets you choose frequency/volume and sound patterns. Ultrasonic (quiet) for use indoors; Sonic (loud) for use outdoors or in barns, garages, etc. This unit will not send sound waves through walls.

Safe for dogs, cats and birds but it is not recommended to place the unit in an enclosed low-ceiling area with your pets for an extended period of time.

Download instructions and usage tips.

If you live in a country without a 110V outlet, you will need a converter.

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