Give critters in your pool a chance to escape on their own instead of creating a mess for you to clean up!

Don’t risk getting bit by some creature in your skimmer basket

Do you find dead frogs, lizards, moles or other critters in your skimmer almost daily? Do you know what creatures are living under the water in the skimmer basket?

Place one or more escape ramps around the pool deck to offer small animals a quick escape route. Instinctively small creatures will swim toward the pool wall after falling into the water. They will circle around the edge of the pool looking for a way out. Once they bump into the Critter Escape Ramp, they will climb on and out of the pool.

Skimmer AngelAttach the Skimmer Angel handle to your skimmer basket. The handle will then be above the water line so you can lift the basket without sticking your hand into the water.

Your pool water will stay cleaner by minimizing bacteria from animal waste. You won’t hesitate to clean that skimmer basket any more.

FrogLog Use:

Fill the weighted pillow with one scoop of sand or pea gravel or a dive weight. That part rests on your pool deck to keep the floating pillow in place. Use multiple ramps for pool sizes larger than 15 x 30. Also use with:

  • hot tubs
  • ponds
  • fountains

Turn off pump and filter at night for best results.

Skimmer Angel Use:
Remove the screws at the bottom of the Skimmer Angel, place it inside the basket with the pegs pushed through the openings in the bottom of the basket. Then tighten the screws.

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