Does the thought of bed bugs conjure up horrible pictures in your mind?

The thought of bedbugs conjures up horrible pictures in my mind!  My mother telling me to “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” never gave me nightmares as it does today.

With more news on the Internet and television about bedbugs in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, etc., my first thought was to stay home. But that is just not realistic; so, I figured I had better do the research to find the best approach to ensuring I wouldn’t have those little bugs crawling in my bed at night feeding on…well, me!

I want something that is safe for me, compact enough to travel with and not so expensive it was unreasonable.  That is why I selected Enforcer for me and my customers.

To Kill Bed Bugs:

  1. Apply as a spot treatment to cracks & crevices on and around baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, wall hangings, headboards, furniture, door and window frames, millwork and walls.
  2. Apply as a surface spray to carpet, mattresses, box springs, walls, furniture, bedding, and floor coverings, rugs, garments, luggage, closets, drapes and other window appointments.
  3. Thoroughly clean and air out mattress and springs, then treat only areas that may harbor pests.  On mattress, concentrate on tufts, folds and seams.  Allow spray to dry before replacing bedding.

To Kill Dust Mites:

  1. First thoroughly vacuum entire room, concentrating on areas where mites congregate: such as mattress, box springs, headboards, walls, floors, carpeting and baseboards.  Then spray surfaces until damp.
  2. On mattresses, allow spray to dry thoroughly before replacing bedding.

To Kill Lice:

  1. Spray only those garments, parts of bedding including mattresses and furniture that cannot be laundered or dry cleaned.
  2. Allow sprayed articles to dry thoroughly before using.

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