Woodstock chime
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It is such a pleasure listening to the bamboos make their unique sound.  Just listen to the melody, close your eyes, & picture where this would fit perfectly in your environment.

Size: 35″ from the top to the bottom.

These elegant chimes feature hand-tuned, hand-carved bamboo tubes that hang from a 7-inch diameter “hat” made from hand-woven palm leaf. The hat is a replica of those worn by farmers throughout Southeast Asia.

Each Asli Arts chime is hand-tuned by a trained Vietnamese artist-musician who whittles each tube to the perfect pitch, repeatedly tapping each bamboo tube as he carves until the sound is just right.

Every chime features the mellow, earth-inspired tones unique to resonating bamboo tubes. The musician then selects a range of tube sizes that when combined and touched by gentle breezes, creates a deep resonating sound.

Each Woodstock chime is unique in sound due to the hand-tuning and size selection with the large tubes producing lower tones and smaller tubes emitting higher-pitched sounds.


  • Keep out of direct sunlight. The shade provided from a porch overhang or shady tree offers the perfect amount of protection.
  • Apply a coat of varnish every spring for added protection against sun and rain.
  • Bring chimes in for the winter or during extreme rain and windstorms.
  • Using a damp cloth, occasionally wipe down to prevent mold or pollen build-up.

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