Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra

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Boxed for gift-giving; Length: 24 inches

Nothing is more relaxing than a walk on the sand at the shore. We all remember those special times when we’ve found a beautiful shell or other treasure from the sea.

Woodstock’s Seashore Chimes are sure to delight. The hand painted sand dollar windcatcher capture the beauty of the reefs without robbing them of their wonderful resources.

The musical tuning of this chime is from the exotic instruments of the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra. Perfect for a beach house, or for when you just want to feel like you’re at the shore.

The longest tube is 13″ long and the shortest is 9″ long.


We suggest you hang it in an area that is not exposed to long term direct sunlight and periodically clean it with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Woodstock Chimes tubes are made of anodized aluminum that will not rust when exposed to the elements. However, over time, the aluminum may show pitting as a result of environmental factors. Please note this will not affect the beautiful tones of your chimes.

Hanging Your Chimes:

These chimes are designed to produce beautiful music from even the slightest breeze, but if you’d like to hear yours more often, here are a few ideas:

  • Hang your chime directly from the O ring or loop at the top of the chime. Don’t extend the top string of the chime by adding chain or string. This may cause the entire chime to swing, when in fact only the center string and clapper should move.
  • Hang your chime where the wind can reach it from as many directions as possible. An open corner is ideal when hanging the chime from a building.
  • Experiment with hanging your chime at different heights. Wind velocity tends to increase with higher elevation.
  • Avoid hanging your chime within two feet of a wall or too close to plants, furniture and anything that might obstruct or divert the breeze. If you have a screened-in porch, you may find that even the screens will impede the breeze enough to prevent your chime from ringing.
  • Try hanging your chime in different locations during different times of the year. The prevailing winds change seasonally.

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