compost maker
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Quicken the decaying process

Darker and richer compost

Recycle and protect the environment!

It seems I am needing my organic mulch before I have any ready. Once I found this Compost Maker, the decaying process became much quicker and my mulch was darker and richer.

VPG Fertilome Compost Maker provides all the elements necessary to turn leaves, grass clippings, food scraps and other forms of organic matter into a rich, soil building mulch. University tests have proven that VPG Fertilome Compost Maker will speed up the composting process and insure that the quality of the compost will be superior.

Add your green/wet materials like kitchen scraps, yard debris, and grass clippings along with your brown/dry matter as in dead fallen leaves, dried limbs and sawdust. Do not add any meat, dairy, grease or bones to your compost as that will increase the flies and the animals in nature will come hunting a dinner!

You will do alternating levels of green material with the brown material until you reach your desired height.

Then you need to apply enough water to have your pile moistened but not running off.

You will need to re-apply in the same manner 3-4 weeks later. It will be ready in 60-75 days.

It is very important to turn your pile

The micro organisms inside the compost need air, so when you stir, this helps them grow.

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You don’t need a special composter to begin composting.  My biggest hurdle was not having a “special” compost bin.  You can use different types from a 3-sided cinder block bin with air spaces between the blocks, to 3 wooden pallets secured on their sides to even just a garbage can.

If you would like a special composter, Yimby Tumbler Composter sold at, gets rave reviews.