The Cruising Companion™ Car Harness attaches to most vehicle seat belts, keeping pets safe and secure while riding in cars. This will not fit SAAB & Volvo models, or Ford Explorers.

  • Keeps pets safe and secure while riding in cars
  • Allows pet to sit, lie, or stand comfortably
  • Woven nylon with quick-release buckles and heavy-duty hardware, padded chest strap


  1. Place harness on dog, so that the metal D-ring is on dog’s back, facing the tail.
  2. Unbuckle straps and place shorter strap around the dog’s neck. Fasten buckle. Pull dog’s front right leg through harness.
  3. Bring longer strap behind the dog’s front legs and fasten buckle.
  4. After fastening buckles, use plastic slides to adjust straps. Leave enough room for two fingers to fit under the straps.
  5. Attach the safety strap swivel clasp to D-ring on the back of the harness.
  6. Insert the safety clip into the seat belt buckle on vehicle’s seat.
  7. Adjust the safety strap to desired length so that pet can comfortably sit, lie, or stand in the seat.

Do yourself and your pet a favor, buy this product that is well made, has better design features and will last!


Size Fits Girths
X-Small 7″-16″
Small/Medium 12″-28″
Large 28″-36″
X-Large 32″-44″

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