Easy to install — No Tools Required

Personally, I have been looking for a wonderfully made, sturdy and stable gate.  Very easy to install and requires no tools.  There are 4 stabilizers that can be screwed into the door frame for added stability if you have a heavier dog that can stand up on the gate and push it over or a child that leans against it.

  • This sturdy, attractively-designed metal gate keeps pets safely and securely contained.
  • Adjusts to fit doorways between 30-35 1/2″W.
  • Overall dimensions: 30-35 1/2″ wide x 29″ high x 2″ deep
  • The slats are only 2″ wide so a child can’t get their head stuck
  • Security-latch gate opens easily with one hand and swings in both directions.
  • Stopper mechanism allows gate to be propped open at a 90-degree angle for easy walk-through access.
  • Pressure-mounted design installs easily within minutes.

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Installation is very easy. Watch our demonstration video to see just how fast it is to put up.


Pet Gate Open

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  1. Pull down the lockpin and lift the handle
  2. Pull the gate upward to free the bottom tab
  3. The gate will swing open in either direction


  1. Press down on the handle.  The gate will automatically close
  2. When the gate is opened to 90-degree angle, the stopper will keep the gate propped open
  3. The gate can be propped open in either direction


Studio Pet Gate Extension

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