Catches lots of carpenter bees without tools or chemicals

Nearly all carpenter bees build their nests in burrows in dead wood, timbers, and bamboo which means they can do plenty of damage to your house or wood structures. According to Wikipedia:

Carpenter bees make nests by tunneling into wood, vibrating their bodies as they rasp their mandibles against the wood, each nest having a single entrance which may have many adjacent tunnels. The entrance is often a perfectly circular hole measuring about 16 millimetres (0.63 in) on the underside of a beam, bench, or tree limb. Carpenter bees do not eat wood. They discard the bits of wood, or re-use particles to build partitions between cells.

How the trap works:

Carpenter bees are initially attracted to the trap by sight. The bee goes inside and then can’t figure out how to get out! This carpenter bee trap is designed to hang where the bees are swarming. The jar is removable so you can empty the jar.

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