Hi Yield Dormant Spray Oil
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Insect Control For Organic Gardening

Control Fungus Gnats, Aphids, Scale & More

32oz Bottle

Hi-Yield Dormant Spray Oil is a self-emulsifying spray oil.

Composed of superior highly paraffinic oil with emulsifier and spreader sticker, which envelop, wet and smother over wintering eggs of:

  • European red spider mites
  • Adelgids
  • Scale Insects
  • Apple Aphids (except rosy aphids)
  • Bud Moth
  • Leaf Roller
  • Red Bug
  • Codling Moth Larvae
  • Psylla (adults)
  • Blister Mites
  • Galls
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Whitefly Larvae

Also control mealybugs on fruit trees, shade trees, vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs and roses.

Safe for use on pears, cherries, peaches, asparagus, corn, peppers, roses, houseplants and home greenhouses.

CAUTION: Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Avoid breathing of spray mist or vapors. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contamination of feed or foodstuffs.

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