Tomcat Mole Killer

tomcat mole killer
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Moles can devastate a lawn quicker than you know!  My customers come into the store with a look of distress because they just can’t seem to get a handle on the mole problems.

***There is a key factor with whatever product you use for effectively killing moles***

The important factor you always need to remember is to never get human scent on the items you use to poke the holes or even place the worms in the holes!

Mole eating Motomco Mole Killer WormThere are several products to control the mole population and this is one of the better solutions.  These worms replicate the real worms that moles love to feed on.  They are poisonous and the mole will usually die within 24 hours after ingesting the worm.

The key to Tomcat Mole Killer is finding the active runs:

Day 1
Day 1: Determine where the active mole runways are located by creating assessment holes as follows: Carefully poke a hole in the top of the surface runway with a small half-inch dowel or probe. Be careful not to collapse the pile or cover up the hole. Mark the hole with a small stick, plastic spoon or other visible marker.Repeat this procedure in several runway locations throughout your yard. Then wait 24 – 48 hours.
Day 2
Day 2/3: Check the assessment holes to see if they have been sealed. A mole traveling through its tunnel will seal the assessment hole.If the holes are sealed, you’ve located an active runway which can be baited. Leave the marker near the hole. If holes are still open, pull the markers. This an inactive area.Continue this assessment procedure until you’ve located active tunnels.You want to bait the active tunnels next:Bait only active runways that show activity within 24 – 48 hours of your assessment. Do not bait your original assessment hole; you will use it again later.Poke Motomco Mole Killer worm in the holePoke a hole 3 to 5 feet on either side of the assessment hole and place one worm bait down each hole. With a pencil, a probe, push the worm as far down as you can. Make sure each worm is sitting on the floor of the runway. If it is not, the mole might not see the worm or the mole might push it out.

After pushing the worm down to the floor of the runway, reseal the runway with dirt to keep out any light. Pinch the hole closed or cover it with a piece of sod or a small rock. Be careful not to collapse or disturb the runway.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to re-open the assessment hole.

Bait other active runways in a similar manner. Wait 24 hours. 

Day 3
Day 3/4: Check to see if the assessment hole is sealed. If plugged, you know the mole has traveled through the runway and more than likely eaten the bait. A single worm bait will kill a mole in as little as 12 – 24 hours. Leave runways alone for 5 – 7 days. 
Day 8
One week later: Verify elimination of activity by repeating the pre-baiting assessment process: If continued activity is found, re-bait these locations. 
This may sound tedious only because you haven’t gotten the process down.  Print off this page when you are ready to use the worms and it will make is so much simpler!

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