30 Pre-Baited Non-Poisonous Traps
Effective for Brown Recluse & Hobo Spiders

I used to have brown recluse spiders in my home until I started using traps specifically designed for that kind of spider.


  • Remove plastic cover by peeling the plastic sheet from the trap
  • Fold trap into tunnel
  • Remove spiders from bottom floor first like basements.  (Once infestation increases, they move to the second floor)
  • Place traps in the spider’s travel path; i.e., between a finished part of the house & unfinished, near outside walls, in closets, behind furniture, behind washer & dryers. (I put several out in different spots and the ones that get the most spiders are in their travel paths)
  • May, June & July are the mating & hatching times
  • When handling used traps use caution; trapped spiders may be alive & bite

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