Your Friends Will Await Your Garden Scene Change All Year Long

It seems the chore of keeping your home beautiful is a never-ending task. Here’s the easy way to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood for an entire year. These coordinated, garden flags are perfect for posting by your mailbox, at the front stoop, in a flowerpot or – of course – in your garden. Choose just one or a seasonal 4-flag set.

With hand-drawn detail and ultra-soft fabric, they give a distinctive appearance other flags can’t match. Thanks to the exclusive SolarSilk fabric from BreezeArt (which is 600 denier polyester) you’ll have no worries about mildew or fading. Blustery days aren’t a problem either: the heavyweight material sways nicely in the breeze without bunching.

You’ll find a wide variety of garden flag bundles and a Make Your Own Bundle special at My Backyard Decor.

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