Rolling T Stores is the proud owner of the dog product brand,
Mack and Mercie™
Mack and Mercie

Mack and Mercieare particular about their environment. They share your love for big and small items that make their world happy. You will find functional products that last, add comfort, have style, and bring joy to you while they are here and after they are gone.

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Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer Plus 250-Feet Made in U.S.A. 17 Gauge Spool Aluminum Wire for Containing Pets and Keeping Out Small Nuisance Animals

The Patriot PE2 electric fence energizer is a 110-volt AC plug in 0.10 Joule model. Low impedance energizer designed to deliver power to the end of the fence, even under heavy load (foliage, undergrowth). Has a LED indicator that pulses when energizer is working. Easy installation. Distance range: 2 miles Distance range: 8 acres

Mack and Mercie’s Story

Mack was a little ball of puppy fur on that Christmas morning. The kids thought it was an elf in the box but were so excited to see it was our forever puppy. The first lick, the first nibble and the first little bark and his pawprint was forever embedded on our hearts.

He grew along with the kids playing ball, swimming in the river, laying by the fire in the winter. Mack watched over the family and our home to keep us safe. He seemed content to be the only forever friend in the home but sometimes I caught him looking around the neighborhood for other fur friends.

Then one day we came upon little Mercie. Her human family did not want her which brought on an immediate sadness because she was so full of love and kisses. I knew she would fit in perfectly with our family but how would Mack like this excitable, fun and demanding little fur baby. Honestly, Mack did not have a choice because as soon as we got Mercie home, she was all over him! The race was on as they chased each other, jumped around and realized they had found their own best forever friend.