Quality Headphones Make Metal Detecting More Fun!

Don’t go home empty handed from your treasure hunt. These Bounty Hunter Detector Headphones use a 1/3″ mini plug with a 1/4″ adapter stereo plug for use in any metal detector or stereo system.

Field-tested and approved for all types of metal detectors (excluding Bounty Hunter Junior), these stereo/mono headphones enhance weak signals and offer dual/independent volume controls for satisfying your personal hearing requirements.

You would have to spend a lot more to hear better. Even with a slight hearing loss you should be able to hear the different tones quite clearly. Cancel out some outer noise (like wave action noise at the beach) in order to hear the fainter signals. Adjust the volume level independently for each ear.

  • True stereo sound
  • Soft leather earpieces
  • Extra-long 8′ cable
  • 1/3″ mini plug with a 1/4″ adapter
  •  individual volume controls for left and right sides

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