Eliminate Needless Digging — A “Must Have” for All Metal Detectors!

The Garrett Pro-Pointer II is an essential tool for any serious metal detecting and perfect for beginners. It is as small and lightweight as a skinny flashlight yet employs precision tracking to help speed recovery of finds. It is easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

It can specifically pinpoint the item that you’re looking for, whether it’s in the small dirt pile you’ve just dug, or still in the ground. The Pro-Pointer II will be without a doubt one of the most important parts of your arsenal when you are out detecting!

How to use and care for your Garrett Pro Pointer II

  • Automatically adjusts for maximum sensitivity
  • Audible and vibrating alarms as you close in to your target
  • LED flashlight built in for low-light conditions
  • Water-resistant design — clean it under running water covering speaker with your thumb and use in virtually any weather condition
  • Even finds studs, wire and nails in walls
  • Comes with a woven belt holder

Tip for retuning the Pro Pointer II to zero in on your target view the video above at about the 3:30 mark

Garrett Pro Pointer IIIf you get anywhere close to a metal object it will let you know. It beeps and vibrates so if you are wearing headphones you still get the message. It is progressive in that the closer you get to the object the faster it beeps.

Additional features include a pinpointing tip, side-scanning capability, an LED flashlight to assist with low-light hunting, auto-off feature, lost pin pointer alarm, faster retuning capability, a lanyard attachment clip, a woven belt holster for easy portability, and a sifting blade to help scrape away soil during recovery.

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