Cuts right through the hardest sod like a hot knife through butter!

The Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter is double-edged with a saw tooth edge on one side of the blade to cut through roots and a blade on the other to cut through tough grass and dirt. The comfortable rubber grip handle and hand guard plate make digging for treasures or gardening easy.

This tool is the darling of metal detector enthusiasts! Stronger than a trowel,  the Lesche goes through roots as well as a great big knife, makes it easy to do a clean hole with a nice sod plug so there’s no damage where you are digging.

  • The digger is 12″ overall; blade length 7″; width 1.75″
  • Made in the USA (not too many things these days are made in the USA)
  • Comes with a Cordura belt sheath
  • Cuts a plug like no other, is solid and won’t bend
  • Fits in the hand easily — shape is such that you can get great leverage

Great for gardening too! The Wall Street Journal ran a story about the Lesche being the perfect garden tool.

This digger is a little more expensive than some others you can find, but consider that this one will last for years. Buy this one tool rather than buying a new, cheaper one several times.

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