Granules Work 3 Times Longer Outside
Controls a Variety of Insects

11.5 lb. Bag

Treats 5,000 Square Feet

One of the best granules on the market for control of a variety of insects which includes those troublesome fleas, fire ants (if you double the rate), chinch bugs, ticks, mole crickets, scorpions and other listed insects.

We use the Bug Blaster II granules at our cemetery to stop crawfish from making those mounds that can ruin a lawn mower and to keep fire ants out from making nests.  Yes, this will keep crawfish & fire ants away; you need to double the dosage for both of these pests!

I use this at home as a broadcast to keep my yard free of bugs and control of the fleas & ticks since I have both cats and dogs.  Water activates the chemical and once dry it is safe for people and pets.  This is one of the steps in controlling fleas where you need to treat your yard, your home and your pets.  The granule works longer than a spray outside; usually 3 times longer.

Around the storage units at my place of business, I put a band around it to keep the fire ants from entering the units and getting in my customers items! Watch this video to see how I do it…

Use this product that I know works for me and will work for you!

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