60% Metsulfuron Methyl
Controls Bahiagrass and Grassy,Broadleaf Weeds

2 oz. bottle containing 60% Metsulfuron Methyl (Same Active Ingredient as Clean Pasture, Manor)

Farmers in our area use Cimarron Plus, Ally, Manor and Clean Pasture for their pastures all of which contain this chemical.  Some homeowners were trying to use the same products for their lawns by guessing how to dilute it even though they were not labeled for lawn use.

Good news! MSM Turf Herbicide is now labeled for lawn use with exact instructions.  It is a high quality university tested formulation specifically targeted to broadleaf and grassy weed control on ornamental turf, such as lawns, parks, cemeteries, golf courses (fairways, aprons, tees and roughs) and sod farms. It is the best bahia grass killer.

MSM is absorbed through the surface and roots and stops the weed growth.

For Lawns:

Use 1/10th of a teaspoon per gallon of water for homeowner lawns.  There is a handy measuring cup specifically for this type of product to break it down as small as you need for your purposes.

Effective for the Control of:

  • Bahiagrass in St. Augustine & Bermuda
  • Annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
  • Clover
  • Dollarweed
  • Foxtail

Looking for total nutgrass control? This product kills the top part of the plant but not the tubers. I think Sedgehammer would work better to kill your nutgrass. Click here for more details.

Important Tip:

Bahiagrass is a very hard-to-kill grass and when using MSM Turf Herbicide, you will need to add a surfactant (a product that makes it stick longer) with it. We recommend Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker (a non-ionic surfactant). You’ll need 2-4 tablespoons per gallon of water.

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Not intended for use on flower seeds, lawns, vegetable gardens, water gardens or other food-producing or edible plants