SedgeHammer Turf Herbicide

SedgeHammer Turf Herbicide

Control Nutgrass & Other Weeds in Turfgrass and Landscaped Areas

Non Ionic Surfactant now built in. No need for additives

Brand New Product – Sedgehammer® Plus Surfactant in one easy to use package

Give yourself some relief from these troublesome weeds-get a packet of SedgeHammer+™ (also known as Manage Turf Herbicide) today!

This is a wonderful product for the control of yellow & purple nutsedge. When I re-did my flower beds and disturbed the soil down deep, the terrible nutsedge emerged. After consistently spraying every time I saw one pop up through the soil, I got rid of them.

This product works better if you can spray when the nutsedge is not taller than 3” tall or it will take longer to work.

You may have to reapply in 6 to 10 weeks but eradicating these weeds is worth it.

This one package should be mixed with 1 gallon of water.

SedgeHammer+® offers a unique product concept in a more convenient packaging size while maintaining the same efficacy of nutsedge control that the market has grown accustomed to with the SedgeHammer® brand name.

SedgeHammer+® contains a dry, non-ionic surfactant in the formulation, eliminating the need for additional additives when mixing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Sedgehammer?

If you keep Sedgehammer in its original package and store in a cool, dry place, it can be stored for a few years without detrimental effects. Once you mix it with water, it should be used the same day, as Sedgehammer begins to degrade once it is mixed in water.

Do I need to water after applying Sedgehammer?

No, if you apply it to actively growing nutsedge, watering is not required. You should, however, completely cover the nutsedge until it glistens.

When should I use Sedgehammer?

Applying Sedgehammer to young nutsedge plants (plants that have emerged within the last 6 weeks) usually has the best results. Plants that survive longer than 6 weeks can produce new nutlets. Apply Sedgehammer consistently to eventually eradicate the problem. Read the label for specific directions regarding maximum number of applications and rates.

How long does it take for sedgehammer to work?

Within 24-48 hours Sedgehammer will be absorbed into the leaf tissue . Yellowing and browning of leaves usually occurs within 10-14 days however it may take an additional 2 weeks before the nutsedge dies. If the nutsedge is not actively growing or is stressed in any way, this process may be delayed or interrupted.

Is Sedgehammer safe for grass or gardens?

Sedgehammer is one of the most gentle- to- turf products around. It has proven to be safe to most commonly used grasses of North America and has been successfully used for many years.  Your grass should be well established with a good root system prior to application.

However Sedgehammer cannot be used in vegetable gardens or in or around annual plant beds. It can be used in landscapes around established woody ornamentals as a directed spray on the sedge. Avoid contact of Sedgehammer with the leaves or plant parts of desirable plants.

How soon can I mow, water or allow pets on grass?

For best results, do not mow for two days before or two days after spraying Sedgehammer.

How long do we wait before we water after using sedgehammer mixed with msm?

It’s best to wait at least 12 hours.

Is Sedgehammer safe to use in a garden where there are small dogs?

Sedgehammer is not safe for vegetable gardens but in a flower garden it is safe for pets after it dries. Always follow package labeling instructions.

Will Sedgehammer kill clover?

Sedgehammer does not kill clover. If you want to kill clover, try Fertilome Weed Free Zone.

Can I use sedgehammer plus when temps are in the 100’s?

Herbicides tend to work best when the temperatures are high; however, if the weeds you want to kill are being stressed due to low moisture, no chemical will work well.  So, if you are watering your lawn/garden where the nutsedge is located, higher temps are definitely a plus to control them with this product.

Will sedgehammer hurt herniaria glabra?

Sedgehammer does not have this plant as one that it will harm or control.

How long should we wait to plant a vegetables after using Sedgehammer?

You need to wait at least a season.  If you sprayed in the spring, you should not plant until fall and vice versa.

How many scoops per gallon for mixing?

Sedgehammer comes in a single packet application that you put with one gallon of water.

Will sedgehammer work for bahiagrass and is possible spray it in st. augustine & bermuda grass?

Sedgehammer may be applied in St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses but will not kill Bahiagrass. You will need MSM Turf Herbicide which can also be applied in St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses and will kill Bahiagrass. Click here for more information.

Is Sedgehammer safe to use on White Clover?

Sedgehammer will not kill clover but may discolor the plants temporarily.

Can I treat nutgrass in st augustine in Oct or should I wait until the first frost?

At this point in the year, the nutgrass should be slowing down, even in Houston. As soon as cooler temps begin, that process takes place.  I say that because the chemical will move even slower in the plant which slows the effectiveness of it working.  Houston did have a much colder winter last year but I don’t know about this year.  You could go ahead and apply the Sedgehammer now and it will do some good or you can wait until spring and begin in earnest treating your lawn.

Remember, it is best to start spraying the nutgrass when it is shorter and you will have to re-apply a few times to get complete control.  It took me 2 years to eradicate it from my flower beds because there are nuts in the soil that will come up in intervals before the chemical has time to completely kill it.

Will Sedgehammer damage my St Augustine grass if I spot treat it to get rid of the nutsedge?

It is safe to spray on this type of St. Augustine grass: St. Augustine grass  Stenotaphrum secundadatum.  I know there is another variety in Florida, so you want to be sure and check this out.  This is a very safe and gentle approach to getting rid of nutsedge, and you may find it is safe for all types of St. Augustine grass.

Do I mow my bermuda lawn thick with nut sedge before spraying sedgehammer?

It is best to spray nutsedge when it is less than 5 inches tall. It takes the sedgehammer longer to get to the root (nut) to kill it if the weed is taller.  You do not want to cut the grass until 7 days later to give the chemical time to reach the nut.

Once you prepare your one gallon solution, how long does it keep?

I have kept it for 6 days in a dark closet, then when I went to spray again, I shook the sprayer really well to get it mixed back up.  Ideally, the gallon solution is to be used immediately.

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