Manage Turf Herbicide SedgeHammer+™ Nutgrass Control

Sedgehammer plus turf herbicide
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Control Nutgrass & Other Weeds in Turfgrass and Landscaped Areas

Non Ionic Surfactant now built in. No need for additives

Brand New Product – Sedgehammer® Plus Surfactant in one easy to use package

Give yourself some relief from these troublesome weeds-get a packet of SedgeHammer+™ (also known as Manage Turf Herbicide) today!

This is a wonderful product for the control of yellow & purple nutsedge. When I re-did my flower beds and disturbed the soil down deep, the terrible nutsedge emerged. After consistently spraying every time I saw one pop up through the soil, I got rid of them.

This product works better if you can spray when the nutsedge is not taller than 3” tall or it will take longer to work.

You may have to reapply in 6 to 10 weeks but eradicating these weeds is worth it.

This one package should be mixed with 1 gallon of water.

SedgeHammer+® offers a unique product concept in a more convenient packaging size while maintaining the same efficacy of nutsedge control that the market has grown accustomed to with the SedgeHammer® brand name.

SedgeHammer+® contains a dry, non-ionic surfactant in the formulation, eliminating the need for additional additives when mixing.

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can I use sedgehammer plus when temps are in the100's I live in Phoenix , AZ.thanks

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How many scoops per gallon for mixing?

hi, will sedgehammer works for the bahiagrass and is possible spray it in st. augustine&bermuda grass?

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I live in Houston tx and have a serious case of nutgrass overtaking st augustine. Can I treat in Oct or should I wait until the first frost? Thank you

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Do i mow before spraying sedgehammer? My bermuda lawn is thick with nut sedge.

Once you prepare your one gallon solution, how long does it keep?

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