Nu-Stock All Purpose Animal Ointment

Nu-Stock Animal Ointment
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Treats Red Mange
Heals any type of wound, bite or laceration
Treats Dogs, Cats & Horses

12 Oz. tube ~ take the top off ~ cut the end off the tube ~ squeeze onto affected area

Contains no steroids ~ Kills mites on contact ~ Stops itching immediately ~ Promotes fastest hair growth~ Regrows hair even on old wounds

I have used this on my daughter’s little Meisha, who is a 7 lb. shih tzu. She would scratch her belly so much it would leave red marks. We would put this on, put a doggie t-shirt on her so she couldn’t lick it, and the marks would be gone within 12 hours. On our cat, Tommy, he had a bite mark right above his tail. This healed that so quickly and you can’t even tell where it was.

  • For Mange on dogs-also cuts & skinned places
  • Treatment of ear mites
  • Cures red mange
  • Heals any type of wound, bite or laceration
  • On horses use for cuts, bruises, burns, swelling, soreness, loss of hair, tender hooves, proud flesh, scratches, rain rot, mud poisoning, dew poisoning, etc.

You need to seriously consider Nu-Stock Animal Ointment for your pet. This product has been tested & used for over 50 years.

  • Proven effective for fastest relief of Red Mange on dogs, screw worms & ringworms.
  • On dogs & cats it will kill the mites that cause all types of mange.
  • It stops the itching immediately & then re-grows the hair.
  • On horses, it heals from the inside out, prevents proud flesh & doesn’t leave a scar.

Guaranteed treatment for dogs with:

  • red mange
  • demodectic mange
  • sarcoptic mange
  • walking dandruff
  • scabies
  • ear mites
  • ringworm
  • screw worms
  • hot spots

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What is the expected time that it takes for this product to get rid of ringworm on my dog. He has a ring worm spot the size of a baseball on his stomach.

what is best treament for fleas

my cat has ringworm.. Do I need to thin it down and treat the whole cat or just the obvious areas of infection? THanks Ron....

How long does it take for nustock to heal the dog

How do I apply it for cats with ear mites? Fill up the inner canal, massage and let dry? Put a cone on so the shaking won't spread it everywhere? ...How many applications? 2? ( once every 3 days)

is it safe for people to use nu-stock on our hair or skin

My cat has mange how should I apply nustock on her and should I thin out medication please let me know don't want her to die

I have a 6yr old shit-zu and she scratches constantly. She's losing her hair where she scratches, she smells real bad and she leaves alot of dander dirt all over the place. She scratches herself raw. Will this help my little girl?

How do I apply nu stock on my 10 mth old Chihuahua? She's been itching non stop since October, has no hair on tail our back, now she's biting her paws. Been too vets and all say she's allergic to fleas, put her on all kinds of flea treatments and prescribed cortisone of the itching. Nothing works. I purchased nu stock in hopes she can get well. I hurt to see her suffering. I have cleaned and clean the house daily removed the carpet and put vinyl use borax on the upstairs carpet and no sign of relief. Please advice Desperate

What is your experience with treating a histiocytoma with Nu stock?

I am severely allergic to Sulfa Drugs- I assume that I will need to wear gloves or other protective gear when applying to the puppies for their scabies?

My dog has demodectric menge. We started using NuStock on her spot on her back and already seeing results. Today we are supposed to wash it and reapply another application. However, she now has a spot thinning on her mussle, how do I treat that with NuStock??

Does it kill fleas on cats

I have an aging great dane, he has an "elbow callus " that appears to be infected. My question is will nu-stock treat an infection? I have been using it for about a week but it is still ththere. However, it does appear to be improving.

I have a 5months old pitbull .. She has mites.. Not bad.. Just pink on her face.. Her mom had it as well.. This is my 1st time using Nu Stock.. How long does it take to get better..?

Can i use this on my dog thats feeding her pups

My dog has a round circle on his snout....may be ring worm.....i applied nu stock but he licks it long will it take to get rid of the ring worm

Is nustock okay for a kitten, I don't know exactly how old but I am fostering from the shelter and he came with ringworm..

I have a pitbull that has a cut on his neck can i use nu stock on it

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  1. Ive been using Nustock for 3 days now to treat ringworm, and the scabbing has already went away.They are smooth pink circles now that are getting smaller already.My pups aren’t scratching the way they were and today when I applied it were very calm and showed signs that they knew it was helping.

  2. Dear NuStock I’ve been using your product on my 6 month old pit bull I have changed her diet as recommended by the sales associate at the feed store. I have not seen any improvement. She didn’t have mange at all until I took her to visit her sister and she came back with it. She has patches (tiny spots)of hair missing all over her back and legs and her hair practically falls off when I apply the nustock to her. I’ve been using for about a week and half as directed. Any advice as to what could be happening and does it take weeks to heal the mange how long until her hair grows back?

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