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Nu-Stock All Purpose Animal Ointment

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Nu-Stock All Purpose Animal Ointment
Nu Stock Wound & Infection
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Treats Red Mange
Heals any type of wound, bite or laceration
Treats Dogs, Cats & Horses

12 Oz. tube ~ take the top off ~ cut the end off the tube ~ squeeze onto affected area

Contains no steroids ~ Kills mites on contact ~ Stops itching immediately ~ Promotes fastest hair growth~ Regrows hair even on old wounds

I have used this on my daughter’s little Meisha, who is a 7 lb. shih tzu. She would scratch her belly so much it would leave red marks. We would put this on, put a doggie t-shirt on her so she couldn’t lick it, and the marks would be gone within 12 hours. On our cat, Tommy, he had a bite mark right above his tail. This healed that so quickly and you can’t even tell where it was.

  • For Mange on dogs-also cuts & skinned places
  • Treatment of ear mites
  • Cures red mange
  • Heals any type of wound, bite or laceration
  • On horses use for cuts, bruises, burns, swelling, soreness, loss of hair, tender hooves, proud flesh, scratches, rain rot, mud poisoning, dew poisoning, etc.

You need to seriously consider Nu-Stock Animal Ointment for your pet. This product has been tested & used for over 50 years.

  • Proven effective for fastest relief of Red Mange on dogs, screw worms & ringworms.
  • On dogs & cats it will kill the mites that cause all types of mange.
  • It stops the itching immediately & then re-grows the hair.
  • On horses, it heals from the inside out, prevents proud flesh & doesn’t leave a scar.

Guaranteed treatment for dogs with:

  • red mange
  • demodectic mange
  • sarcoptic mange
  • walking dandruff
  • scabies
  • ear mites
  • ringworm
  • screw worms
  • hot spots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nu-stock safe to use on hot spots for cats?

Yes, it is. You just have to make sure the cat cannot lick it, because it will make them sick; it won’t kill them, they just get this look on their face that they are pretty mad about how they feel, begin to salivate and then throw up. I know this because it happened to my cat. Boy was he mad at me! HaHa

But this worked so well on the bite he received right above his tail. It healed right up and all the hair grew back without any sign there had been a wound.

You could use a little cone collar until it dries and soaks in or put a baby t-shirt on them; the best part is you only have to use this 1 time every 3 days.

Do you have personal experience with this product for a itchy stitched wound on a horse?

This works great on stitches on horses. The manufacturer said he has Vets who buy it in a 5 gallon bucket and stick their whole hand in to wipe over larger areas of stitches.

What is the expected time that it takes for this product to get rid of ringworm on my dog?

From the developer of this product, it can be anywhere from 3 days to 10 days.  You have to make sure that the fungus that caused the ringworm is not reinfecting your animal.  This product is great to get rid of it on your pets, though.

Do I need to thin it down and treat the whole cat for ringworm or just the obvious areas of infection?

You don’t need to thin this down at all.  You just apply to the actual area that is affected 1 time every 3 days.  You will see results beginning with 1 or 2 treatments.

What is best treatment for fleas?

A good adulticide along with an egg/larvacide to stop the cycle.  Martin’s Viper & Martin’s Insect Growth Regulator mixed together is a “one two punch” that kills adults and the eggs & larvae.

How long does it take for nustock to heal the dog?

This depends entirely on the issue the dog is experiencing. Typically, within 24 hours of applying nu-stock, you will begin to see results. Apply it every 3 days until the condition is healed which can be as short a time as one week.

How do I apply it for cats with ear mites?

You would rub it into the cat’s ear canal; don’t put so much it would drip out or fly out when the cat shook its head. Yes, you would apply one time every 3 days.

Is it safe for people to use nu-stock on our hair or skin?

It is not labeled for that use. The ingredients are only sulfur, pine oil and mineral oil. Unless you are allergic to any of those ingredients, this is a very safe product. It has a very strong smell, however.

Is it ok to bathe my 14 wk puppy after only one day of treatment for red mange and reapply?

Be sure and give it a full 24 hours before you bathe the puppy. You only apply Nu-Stock 1 time every 3 days.

My cat has mange how should I apply nustock on her and should I thin out medication please let me know don’t want her to die

You apply the nu-stock 1 time every three days. You don’t “thin” it but you might want to try a “cone” around the neck if you think she might lick too much of it off. It won’t hurt her if she does lick it, it might make her sick (throw up) if she licks too much of it.

Will this help my 6yr old shit-zu who scratches constantly, losing her hair, smells real bad and leaves alot of dander dirt all over the place?

It is possible that this will give her much relief.  However, without knowing your current situation as to whether the area is free from fleas or mites, this might be an ongoing problem.  Also, I have a 10 year old 9 pound shih tzu who is allergic to almost everything and we have to give her pills from the vet.  But before we found out about her immense allergies, I did use the nu-stock on her red and raw scratch areas and it definitely got rid of them.  The unfortunate part was they kept coming back due to her allergies.  Hope this helps.

How do I apply nu stock on my 10 mth old Chihuahua who’s been itching for months?

More from this person: “vets say she’s allergic to fleas, put her on all kinds of flea treatments and prescribed cortisone of the itching. Nothing works.”

I’m so sorry to hear of your problems with your sweet puppy.  Nu-stock is an amazing product that only needs to be applied 1 time every 3 days.  This is a smelly product so keep that in mind as I’m sure she is an indoor dog.  It is helpful to prevent her from licking the product off, perhaps a baby t-shirt and socks to cover her feet.  Another old time remedy to add during this time is to put bacon grease on her food.  All dogs are born with mites that cause itching to become worse when their immune system is compromised.  The grease helps to build it back up.  It might not be fleas causing this problem.  Good luck!


What is your experience with treating a histiocytoma with Nu stock?

I do not have any experience with this.  However, the Nu-Stock company may be able to help you further.  Their number is 877-568-7862.

Should I wear gloves or other protective gear when applying to the puppies for their scabies if I’m allergic to sulfa drugs?

I would advise anyone to wear gloves when applying the nu-stock product because it is so smelly for one thing and you do not want that lingering on your skin.  Plus, it is simply a safe guard for you and your pet.

Does it kill fleas on cats?

This is not rated to kill fleas.  Plus you would not want to put this all over your cat. Try this product instead.

How do I treat my dog’s thinning spot on her muzzle?

It is almost impossible to apply to a dog’s nose and not have them lick it off.  I would imagine you would have to put a muzzle on her until it has been on for several hours.

Will Nu-Stock treat an infected elbow callus on an aging great dane?

It depends on what type of infection.  Hopefully this will take care of his problem as the ingredients are really good but just keep a close eye on it.  If not, I would contact Nu-Stock Company because they are great at customer service! 877-568-7862

How long does it take to clear up mites on a 5-month old pitbull?

Nu-Stock is to be applied one time every 3 days.  I could always tell a difference after 24 hours so you may only have to do this a few times.  All dogs have mites, but their immune system keeps them in check.  If for some reason they can’t, you can add bacon grease to their food for several days to help build their immune system back up.

How long will it take to get rid of ring worm?

I can’t answer that specifically but perhaps the Nu-Stock company can give you some further insight. You can call them at 800-568-7862.

Can I use this on my dog that’s feeding her pups?

I can’t answer that specifically but perhaps the Nu-Stock company can give you some further insight. You can call them at 800-568-7862.

Will Nu-stock help heal a demodex spot on a 3 month old french bulldog?

This should work for your dog.  You would apply it 1 time every 3 days. You will probably see results within 1 or 2 applications.

Can I use Nu-Stock on a pitbull that has a cut on his neck?

I would call the Company to double check as it depends on the depth/severity of the cut.  Their number is 877-568-7862.

Is nu-stock okay for a kitten?

For kittens/puppies just make sure they can’t lick it off; however, the Nu-Stock company may be able to help you further.  Their number is 877-568-7862. From the developer of this product, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 10 days to get rid of the ringworm.  You have to make sure that the fungus that caused the ringworm is not reinfecting your animal.  This product is great to get rid of it on your pets, though. Apply 1 time every 3 days.

Am I supposed to wash Nu Stock off every three days then apply another amount?

Do not wash it off; apply a new dose every 3 days until the area is healed.

I have a 3-month old with dime sized baldspots on her back and head. Can I use Nu-Stock to clear up hook worms or allergies?

You just need to apply to cover spot once a day every three days until it has healed.

What happens when the cat licks off the nu-stock? Does it harm the cat?

I can tell you from experience with our cat, Tommy, he did lick the nu-stock and gave us the meanest stare! Haha

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