Martin’s Viper Insecticide Concentrate 4 oz

Martin’s Viper Insecticide Concentrate 4 oz

4 0Z. Size Makes 4 Gallons

One of the longest lasting residual products

Get Rid of:

  • Ants
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Beetles
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Millipedes
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish
  • Bees
  • Scorpions
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
  • Wood Infesting Beetles

Will Viper Kill Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately this great product is not labeled for bed bugs. The Enforcer Bed Bug Spray,, is a great product and can be sprayed directly onto mattresses.

Long-Lasting Roach Protection

I can promise you one thing in regard to the lasting effect-when we spray for roaches in particular, months later a roach can cross this path and it will turn over and DIE!

But rest assured, for pets and people, once the product has dried it is no longer harmful.  You will want to leave the residence for a couple of hours for the smell to subside.

Our rule of thumb: 1 oz. in 1 gallon of water (this will take care of all the listed pests!)

Active Ingredient: 25.4% Cypermethrin

This will get the adult pests; for complete control you need to get the larvae. Use a product called I. G. Regulator with Nylar. Mix 1 oz. Viper & 1 oz. I.G.R. in 1 gallon of water which will stop the cycle.


  • 1 OZ. VIPER

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is best treatment for fleas?

A good adulticide along with an egg/larvacide to stop the cycle.  Martin’s Viper & Martin’s Insect Growth Regulator mixed together is a “one two punch” that kills adults and the eggs & larvae.

How well does viper work on German brown roaches?

According to Control Solutions, Viper will kill all types of roaches which I always believed it did.  I am going to add that you should include the I. G. Regulator product which will take care of the eggs/larvae.  An adulticide like Viper only kills adults.  An insect growth regulator sterilizes the adults and kills the eggs/larvae.  I like to add the 2 together to take care of all stages.

Can I use Viper on boring bees that are eating our log cabin and for wasps coming in from who knows where?

The best product for carpenter bees and wasps is Demon WP, due to its long residual effect which can be 2-3 months before the UV light of the Sun begins to breakdown the chemicals effectiveness.

Apply directly to walls, window screens, and other exterior resting areas as a residual surface treatment. Use caution when treating nests of stinging insects as Demon WP does not provide instant knockdown. For best results, treat bee, wasp and hornet nests late in the day when most insects will be present. Allow 2-3 days for colony to die.

How long will this last outside on house and on ground surrounding house for crickets?

Martin’s Viper indoors will last up to 4 months; however, outside it will last only 30 days before the sun’s rays breakdown the chemical’s effectiveness.

Does this really kill fleas and ticks?

This product definitely works; however, to kill the eggs/larvae you have to add Martin’s  I. G. Regulator  to the Viper to stop the cycle.  I also recommend to my customers that they rotate the insecticides they use so that the insects don’t become immune to them.

Using the products inside, it will last up to 4 months; however, outside, the chemicals effectiveness begins to break down in 30 days due to the sun’s rays.

Can I spray my tomato plants for bugs and insects ? There are no tomatoes on the plants yet.

You cannot spray this insecticide on vegetable plants at all whether there are tomatoes or not as it is not labeled for such.

What is the best way to kill carpenter bees with viper?

Viper is not the best product to control carpenter bees. If you are adverse to using chemicals, the best product is the Mac’s Carpenter Bee Trap. I know they work because I use them at my home.

If you would rather use a chemical spray, Demon WP has the longest residual on the market and you would spray the areas being attacked by the carpenter bees.

Will Viper help control mud daubers – keep them from building nests after Viper has been applied?

Viper is not labeled for mud daubers; however, personally, if this repels wasps then I would think it would work on mud daubers as well. The product that has worked the best for me is a cypermethrin 40% wettable powder such as the Demon WP or Cyper WP (the generic of Demon). It seems to work better for a longer better of time outdoors and being a wettable powder, the residual effect is better.

Once viper is applied on wood do you wipe it off? How long must I wait to put clothes back in place after spraying viper?

If I understand correctly, you must be spraying in a closet or cabinet. You don’t have to spray the entire wood surface; just around the edges. Once the product is dry (you don’t wipe it off) it will be safe.

How long does it take for the Viper and I G Regulator to work on fleas?

You should see results within 24 hours.

If I accidentally sprayed my herbs can I still use them after washing them off or not?

I would not eat them.

How long before I can let my dogs out in the yard after spraying around my house and in the basement?

This product needs to dry completely before humans or pets are reintroduced into the area. Once dry, it is safe for everyone. Length of time for drying depends on weather conditions, temperature, humidity, etc., usually anywhere between 1-2 hours.

When spraying indoors, where should I spray for effectiveness (baseboards, under sinks etc) and do I use spread or pin spray applications?

Yes, baseboards, under sinks, around doors and windows, behind fridge, washer, dryer. I would use a pin spray for the areas you want to directly target and then otherwise, I use the spray application for more coverage.  I have also sprayed this on my carpets for flea prevention (after making sure it would not affect the integrity of the color of my carpet).

Does viper kill on contact or does it take a while?

This is not a knockdown spray but it will definitely begin affecting them if it is sprayed on them.

Can viper concentrate be used safely on collards and other veggies and how soon after spraying can you eat the collards?

Do not use Viper on any edible foods.

Does Viper work on carpet beetle larvae?

No, to get any insect larvae you need an insect growth regulator, such as IGR.  This not only kills the larvae, it sterilizes the adults so that they cannot produce anymore.

Is it safe for pets inside?

Yes, this is safe for pets, adults and children as long as you  remove all from the premises prior to spraying and don’t return until the product is dry.  This could be anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on temperatures and weather conditions affecting humidity, etc.

Can I spray my dogs or sunflower plants?

You cannot spray this strength of product on dogs or vegetation.

Is Viper safe to use on ornamental and flowering plants?

Here is what the label says:


Apply VIPER INSECTICIDE CONCENTRATE using a 0.1% emulsion as a residual treatment to outside surfaces of buildings including, but not limited to, exterior siding, foundations, porches, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, and other similar areas. Also may be used on lawns and ornamentals in landscaped areas around private homes, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, house trailers, apartment complexes, carports, garages, fence lines, storage sheds, barns, and other residential structures and commercial, industrial, institutional, and public buildings. Treatment may also be made to soil, trunks of woody ornamentals, and other similar areas where pests congregate or are active.

How long does the solution stay good for after it is mixed?

The label suggests to only make up the amount that you are needing to use.  On a side note, I will say that one time I didn’t have time to finish spraying the house, so I put the container of mixed product into a dark closet until the next day, shook the sprayer to mix up the product again and sprayed the rest of the house with no sign that it didn’t work.  The reason I mention a dark closet is that the UV light from the sun is what breaks down the chemicals effectiveness.

Can I mop my floors after I’ve used the regulator and viper for fleas? How long do I have to wait?

I would wait 48 hours at least.  That may be longer than needed but I wouldn’t want you to go to the cost and trouble of using these products just to wash it off.

Will VIPER CYPERMETHRIN kill snakes?

This is not labeled for killing snakes. Try Dr. T’s Snake Away.

How long does it take for IG regulator and viper mixed together to began to get rid of roaches and their eggs?

Immediately. When we sprayed this at the feed store, a roach could walk over the spray path, and turn over and die.

Can I mix Viper & Bifin together to kill roaches & other insects?

These are both adulticides so you would be spraying for the same thing with both them.  I suggest using one type in a year and the change to another the next year.  What you could add to this is the IGR which will kill the eggs/larvae and sterilize the adults.  That way you are getting all stages in the cycle of the insects with both products.

I have too many roaches in my apartment (the tiny ones); what chemicals do I need to get rid of them?

You will want to spray 2 products together, Viper & IGR so you will kill the adults and the eggs/larvae, so the cycle will stop!

Will viper get rid of bed bugs?

Unfortunately this great product is not labeled for bed bugs. The Enforcer Bed Bug Spray, is a great product and can be sprayed directly onto mattresses.

Does I.G Regulator kill spiders?

No, IG Regulator will not affect spiders. Demon WP is a much better product for killing all types of spiders.

Have a serious roach problem can you spray viper on the wall as well and would it be harmful if you touch said wall after product has dried?

I would test it on a small portion of the wall to make sure it would not affect any paint/paneling.  However, I feel that if you will spray the baseboards, around windows, under sinks, behind fridge and washer/dryer and door thresholds, you would not have to spray the walls.

Can I spray Martins Viper insecticide on my carpets? Can I spray on my couches as well?

You may spray this product on fabric; however, please check a small area to make sure it will not harm either the carpet or your couch.  I did spray this on my recliners where my cats and dogs liked to sleep during the day without an issue after doing some testing.

How do you get viper from the larger side to smaller side of bottle to measure it.

By simply squeezing the bottle gently to move liquid from the large chamber to the small one.

Can my family remain in in the house after applying this mixture?

No, you need to leave the house for at least an hour or until the solution has dried where you have sprayed it.

Can you spray inside your home? Spider problem. Also precautions because of cat inside

You can spray Viper inside the home, leave for at least an hour (along with the cat) until the product is dry, then it will be safe to return for humans and animals.

Saying that, however, I would not use this product for spiders.  Demon WP is the product you are wanting to get rid of spiders, which is a wettable powder that can be made into a spray.  The same precautions apply as with Viper for leaving the house after spraying.

If it is not possible to leave the house, then I would suggest getting Big H Brown Recluse Spider Traps 

You can put these in out of the way places so that the cat cannot get to them. Mine catch other insects besides all types of spiders.

If I’m using Viper and IGR only in kitchen and bathroom do I have to stay out of house for an hour?

If your house is large enough that you don’t smell the product and you don’t re-enter the rooms until the product has dried, you should be fine. This is my opinion as I have personally done this myself.

I used Martins Viper & IG Regulator in my house to kill fleas and Ticks, it’s been 3 weeks and I still have fleas. Should I spray again?

I would have to say yes, spray again. Apparently, the infestation was more than you thought. However, I do want to make sure you are treating everything.

Have you treated your yards as well? And if you have inside pets, have you treated them? Here is my blog post which will help explain more about getting rid of fleas in your environment.


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